Fresno Car Dealer Workshop for Tax Exempt Sales Documents

CDTFA / DMV Car Dealer Tax Exempt Sales Reporting Workshop

Become Compliant with CDTFA / DMV Procedures for tax exempt sales

CDTFA Mandate requires documentation with each sale

Certified Bill of Lading with Out of State tax exempt sales

Current CDTFA buyer account and photo ID for wholesale

DMV Mandate requires REG256 with attachments

DMV One Trip Permits permits allow the legal transit of unregistered vehicles

to be moved from one location to another for the purpose of sale

DMV Demand of Title Statement must have Public Notary stamp

Learn how to document tax exempt sales

One Day Training Seminar

Obtain Your CDTFA / DMV Reporting Template

Activate Your Reporting Procedures with Critical Compliance Data

Issue CDTFA / DMV Tax Exempt Sales Reports capturing Paid DMV Credits

This CDTFA Tax Exempt Sales Tax Reporting Workshop is

Authored by the premier DMV Certified Car Dealer Educator

TriStar Motors

The Best in the Golden State


These rules are mandatory CDTFA / DMV requirements for tax exempt out of state & wholesale vehicle sales by California Licensed Used Car Dealers

These classes are advanced private one on one education consultations


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